Tenet Healthcare Video Case Study

The Problem:

Tenet Healthcare needed to provide their employees with their required annual ethics and compliance training in an engaging way that was easily consumed across multiple locations. They also had a large internal compliance team with busy schedules, so the series needed to be produced in a modular fashion to accommodate individual schedules and shoot dates. Additionally, the videos needed to be shot in a way easily allowed for updates in years to follow as personnel or information changed.

The Solution:

Splash Media used a “tv show” stye approach that provided this important training in a manner that the employees were used to watching in their own home. The host would guide the viewer through the program in the style of a daily magazine/news show while talking to important subject matter experts about various topics.

The Results:

The result was effective as thousands of employees sent unsolicited emails thanking the Compliance department for making the training enjoyable. This program was also recognized with a Telly Award for video excellence.

Article by Splash Media


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