A Simplified Version of My Internship Experience

By Emma Pina

My internship with Splash Media has not only taught me things that I will continue to take with me in my career, but also introduced me to some pretty amazing people. On my first day, I really had no idea what to expect and was very nervous. Everyone I met that day knew my name, took it upon themselves to welcome me individually, and I received my first project. The culture is very welcoming and from my first day experience, I knew this internship was going to be everything I needed to grow as a successful professional.

I am the Account Services intern, but the great thing about interning at Splash is I’m able to wear many hats and learn the ropes of the agency as a whole. I work on competitor research for multiple clients, moderate on a daily basis for Facebook India, and recently created my own vlog script. I’ve also sat in meetings with the Account team to learn how to manage budgets and understand how to fulfill client needs.

Along with learning all the work that goes into digital marketing, I also get to enjoy the fun perks of working here. Every Wednesday we have a team lunch to take a break from work life and spend time together outside of the office. This weekly opportunity has become a great way for me to get to know everyone personally and for them to learn more about me. Now that I’m getting closer to graduation, these weekly lunches have allowed my co-workers to offer me insight on job searching and some have also recommended me for job positions.

There’s something special about getting real hands-on experience that will never compare to sitting in a classroom and reading about it. By earning this experience, I have a network of people that are fully aware of my work ethic, and I’ve learned exactly what it takes to be successful in the digital marketing industry. Spending my last semester of college here has opened up great opportunities for my future and I feel prepared for the next step in my career. I’m truly thankful for everything I learned, and I can’t thank everyone at Splash Media enough for taking the time to contribute to my growth and success.

Article by Splash Media


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