By Vanessa Suarez.

Want to get hashtag blessed? We’re about to unleash some real hashtag usage realness on you. If you’re a brand in need of some help in the hashtag department, listen up!

First things first, why are hashtags important? When you’re creating a post, it’s important to use hashtags to make sure your comment, response or image is seen by the right audience. When a hashtag is searched, various posts containing that specific tag show up in the results offering brand awareness and post visibility.

Now that we’ve established why hashtags are important, let’s talk about hashtags on different social platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn hashtag usage is still somewhat dicey and should be limited to 2 hashtags per post. On the other hand, Instagram and Twitter depend on hashtag usage. For Instagram the ideal number of hashtags is 11!

You might be wondering, how do I know if I’m using the right hashtags? Be sure to do a search to see if the hashtag is being used and more importantly how it’s being used.  This is especially true if it is an acronym or a phrase that can be used in multiple ways. Once you’ve searched your hashtag and it’s relevant or associated with your brand, you’re in the clear!

We’re going to leave you with a few pearls of hashtag wisdom.

  • You should never use a hashtag just because it is trending.  
  • Do not overuse hashtags
  • If you’ve created a brand hashtag, make sure its uniform across platforms (but don’t forget to research it first!)


Need some help perfecting your hashtags or have a question? Leave a comment and let us know.

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