The Social Media Minute for December 31, 2010

After Social Media’s 2010 Coming Out Party, It’s Time To Get To Work In 2011

If 2010 was the pitch meeting regarding social media - the big Request For Proposals, if you will - then 2011 will be the year for delivering on that promise.

The “Best Of” and “Top 10” lists continue to roll out in the blogosphere along with the final hours and minutes of the year 2010. Some are busy forging their New Year’s resolutions out of iron and steel  – or in many cases, stitching them together out of easy-to-break kite string and Elmer’s Glue. Here’s my contribution for 2011: I hereby resolve never to write a blog post headline that begins with a number, as in: “7 Ways To Improve Your (Blank)” or “Five Tips For Doing This-Or-That.”

The “List” or bullet-point method of writing blog posts received a thorough workout in 2010, especially in that part of the blogosphere reserved for social media observers, marketers and media-types. It’s understandable, I guess; those of us in the information/communications business like to boil down topics, problems and solutions into easily digestible themes, and lists are guaranteed link-bait. Personally, I blame the 1970s-era bestseller, “The Book of Lists,” along with the overall media tendency – especially during the decade now coming to a close – to whittle down everything into sound bites and blurbs.

So I won’t add any lists to the inevitable end-of-year recounting of social media’s impact on business and marketing in 2010; better minds than mine have no doubt enumerated best practices and success stories for the past 12 months, along with the mistakes and stumbles that have come with incorporating this new and revolutionary communications mode into existing traditional strategies. Everyone should know by know that social media is here to stay, customers won’t be giving up the newfound power they’ve acquired thanks to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog posts anytime soon, and many businesses small and large have been made aware of that by now – some of them painfully aware, other pleasantly surprised, I’m sure.

If 2010 was the pitch meeting regarding social media – the big Request For Proposals, if you will – then 2011 will be the year for delivering on that promise. And it won’t strictly come from the use, misuse or overuse of the aforementioned social media tools and platforms. Tools are only as good as the people wielding them; it will be the creative marketing minds within companies, and the agencies working for them, that will soon be hard at work coming up with innovative strategies and tactics that will realize the potential of social media: bringing businesses and customers closer together, and impacting bottom lines.

That’s what the companies convinced to use social media in 2010 will be looking for in 2011, with the hopes that their subsequent success stories will make someone’s “Best Of” list this time next year.

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