Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: Stories You May Have Missed, August 12, 2011

Social Media in England help plan this clean up and others like it.

From Arab Spring to London Summer.

Social media is once again at the epicenter of a major uprising somewhere in the world. Only this time, it’s not an autocratic Middle Eastern government reeling from revolutionaries organizing their protests via Facebook, Twitter and smartphone texts. It’s merry old England that has found itself dealing with nearly a week’s worth of not-so-merry rioting, initially sparked by a deadly police shooting.

British police are blaming social media in England and Blackberry’s instant messaging network for the violent civil disobedience, which has included beatings and looting. Unsavory types are using tweets and texts to organize their next rampage, authorities claim.  What started in the heart of London has spread to other cities throughout the U.K., and is also prompting some to ask law enforcement to shut down social media networks. Prime Minister David Cameron says he’s considering it.

Who would have thought that the country that gave us the Magna Carta, which helped establish the foundations of the rule of law, would think about using some of the same freedom-of-expression suppression tried this year in Tunisia and Egypt? We saw how well those tactics worked in those countries; both former leaders are now auditioning for the hot new reality series, “Celebrity Dictator Rehab.”

The social media genie is long out of the bottle, and trying to censor it won’t help. Brands and businesses should be aware of that by now, but sometimes governments are the last to get the (text) message.

But that’s just us. What do you think about what’s going on in England and the talk of a social media crackdown there? Please share your thoughts in our Comments section below.

And while you’re organizing your (hopefully) non-violent response, consider these stories, best practices and social media marketing tips from the week:

Wait A Minute: Social Media IS A Good Thing For Car Dealers After All

Gee, it seems like only three months ago that Splash Media was taking exception to an story that questioned social media marketing’s impact on the car sales industry. Yet this Jefferson Graham story in USA Today now makes our case for us – in fact, it highlights some tactics that Splash Media has used effectively for its auto dealer clients.

Social Video Helps High-End Retailers Set The Gold Standard For Content

Kayla Hutzler of Luxury Daily reports on several successful social video campaigns for the likes of Audi and Jimmy Choo, but the lessons regarding the use of video for storytelling – NOT web-based commercials – can apply to any kind of company and smaller/mid-size businesses.

The Social Media Marketing To-Do List For Budget Season

The fall doesn’t just bring football, cooler weather (we hope!) and Halloween. It’s also time for many businesses to draft budgets for the coming year, and Heidi Cohen of ClickZ offers a handy guide for the kinds of questions those companies should ask themselves when figuring out their social media marketing spending.

That’s it for us this week. Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you back here bright and early Monday morning!

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  1. Joshua Ness
    August 15, 2011 at 6:30 pm · Reply

    I disagree with the proposed censorship of social media networks. A lack of proper law enforcement should not be a reason to blame free and open communication for civil unrest. I hope the British Prime Minister does not engage in “mindless retribution” to punish “mindless criminality.”

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