Making Sure that Twitter’s Vine is in your Company Branding Strategy

company-branding-strategyWhat can six seconds do for your company branding strategy? Maybe the same thing that 140 characters has done for it. Twitter is banking on Vine, a new iPhone app that allows users to create and share 6 second videos. It’s similar to Instagram … but for videos.

Twitter made their success on the “limited space” model when they introduced the 140-character conversation, so it makes sense that they’re trying to duplicate this success with Vine. So far, the social media experts’ consensus seems to be that no one is sure if Vine will take off or not, but that it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. It could easily grow and emerge into something hip. The success of platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have all demonstrated time and time again that putting constraints on content can produce amazing creativity.

How can you incorporate Vine into your company branding strategy?  You can use it to:

○     Showcase brand personality – A shoe company could share their favorite personal shoes, or the most popular one on the market currently, or the wildest color.

○     Demonstrate Products – Coffee baristas could show how they make a signature drink.

○     Teaser peak at longer content – Did all your employees sing “Call Me Maybe” from their cubicles? Show six seconds and link to the full video on YouTube or your website.

○     Behind the scenes looks – Share the secrets of your break room cabinets or reveal the mystery stain in the conference room.

○     Answer FAQs – Dress up an employee or have them stand on their head and answer common questions in your industry.

If you’ve already got an audience on Twitter, here’s a chance to grow it even further in the branding process. The more you share through Vine, the more consumers will feel connected with your brand. Don’t forget to be entertaining and to have fun with it!

Remember, this is a completely new way for brands to connect with their customers and engage with followers, so be a trendsetter and get your business out there! As is the branding strategy with all social media platforms, find a way to share your brand personality and interact with consumers.

Do you have any good ideas for how businesses can use Vine in their company branding strategy?

Check out our first Vine video here!

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