Upcoming Guests


Mårten Bokedal

Marketing Manager | Sitecore


Mats Rönne

Senior Advisor | OffPist Management AB


Eric Fletcher

Fractional CMO

About CMO Go Show

CMO Go Show interviews top Chief Marketing Officers to understand how they got to the biggest seat in marketing and where they see their organization and the future of marketing going next. The show is distributed on CMOGoShow.com and promoted to over 200,000 followers on social media.

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CMO Go Show is hosted by Eve Mayer and produced by Splash Media. CMO Go Show is filmed at Splash Studios in Addison (Dallas) Texas. For press inquiries or to suggest a guest for the CMO GO Show please contact us.


The digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between consumers and brands. With new technologies predicted to shift the marketing landscape once again, CMOs around the world are facing the challenge of staying ahead of the competition head-on. The Transformational CMO Assembly, in collaboration with industry experts and our Advisory Board, is putting together a series of executive education roundtables, keynote presentations, educational workshops, and networking sessions, to provide CMOs with a much needed opportunity to network, share, and debate.