The Problem:

Our client wanted to create a new campaign to highlight their product, increase community engagement, and be entertaining, fun and totally different than their normal brand voice. They also wanted to leverage the World Cup in order to unite fans with a common interest.

The Solution:

A character, ‘The Ref’, was created to represent the end all, be all, of soccer referees. Splash Media served as the voice of The Ref in eight different languages on social media. Splash published

game plays in real time, communicated and engaged with fans of the page during the games, and created weekly reports for the client during the 45 days.

  • 739K page likes (from a brand new page with zero brand equity)
  • 836M total people reached
  • 1.66B total post impressions
  • 1.82M total user stories created
  • 9M+ total video plays
  • 2M+ total image views
  • 5,710 total brand responses
  • 64 games moderated (~200 hours)

*Due to confidentiality agreements, client cannot be named publicly. Details available upon consult.

Article by Splash Media


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