The Problem:

TruGreen (the nation’s largest lawn care company) was facing a reputation problem. Consumers were not happy with the service TruGreen was giving, and took to social channels to express their frustrations. TruGreen not only wanted to change their service reputation as well as their social reputation, they wanted to be able to pinpoint which locations had the highest number of complaints and service issues.

The Solution:

Splash served as the voice of TruGreen and created a social care process using TruGreen’s social platforms. Splash put a human being behind the name of TruGreen, by answering social engagement with our real names and responded with empathy, and helped the customer find a resolution. Customers received follow-up from the brand on social until the customer received a call from a TruGreen employee and resolved the solution. Weekly reports with locations, and type of complaints were created so TruGreen could narrow down where they needed the most course correction and training.


Over a 5-month period, Splash Media was able to reduce negative conversation by 35%, and increase positive conversation by 320%. Based on our reports, TruGreen was able to clearly see which locations received the most complaints and the type of complaints they were receiving. This allowed the company to offer more training and support to those specific locations.

Article by Splash Media


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