The Problem:

Bar Louie (a bar/restaurant chain with 94 locations across the US) needed to increase store traffic and revenue, and increase engagement between the local stores and parent brand’s page on Facebook.

The Solution:

Research found a high percentage of Bar Louie locations were located very close to key Pokémon GO locations. Additionally, PokéStops with constant Pokémon Lures were popular and highly frequented by players/consumers. Within four hours of the ask, Splash Media presented a test-market concept with a tool kit for store managers that included an activated Pokémon account preloaded with Pokémon Lures, a daily promotion of Pokémon-inspired food and beverage specials, and a local store Facebook event with paid media support.

“Eat. Drink. Catch Pokemon.” was the call to action. The concept was immediately approved, and the ten-store test was expanded nationwide.

The Results:
  • 61% of locations saw an increase in store traffic compared to prior six-week trend.
  • 24% of locations saw a 10%+ increase in store traffic versus one year ago.
  • Over 3 days, more than 1.6 million impressions were served, with an average click-through rate of .4%, more than 6 times the industry average.
  • Additionally, Bar Louie social engagements increased 1,800%.


Article by Splash Media


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