by Anna Barden

Last month marked a turning point in Twitter history. The launch of 280 character tweets, a feature now available to all users, became a game changer right at the get-go. While there has been some disagreement over the necessity of the extended length of tweets, the update has remained a benefit to others – specifically to company Twitter accounts.

In the sense of social media marketing, there are several companies we’d like to highlight for hitting home runs as they took advantage of #280Characters. Here are our top five picks.

  1. The NBA Referees

    A courteous request from the NBA referees.
  2. Pluckers

    Sometimes, you just reach a boiling point. Thankfully, 280 characters were accommodating for this rant from Pluckers.
  3. NBC SVU

    We see what you did there, NBC.
  4. NASA

    We all really could use more space. Thanks for the reminder, NASA.
  5. Spotify

    Nice brain teaser! Did you get all of the songs?

    Which companies do you think took the greatest advantage of the new tweet character count? Send them over to @SplashMedia.

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