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Photo Credit: TechCrunch
Photo Credit: TechCrunch

Facebook’s revenue is largely based on advertisements. The timing of the ads and where they are placed play a huge role in the conversion rate and number of clicks. The accuracy of this data is crucial for businesses so they can know the metrics and effectiveness of the ad space they buy. Due to recent inaccuracies, Facebook has partnered with 24 independent offices for ad measurement in order to make the data as credible as possible.

According to Facebook, the discrepancies were rooted in the data from the mobile app, specifically how metrics such as likes or shares were recorded. In September, it was shown that the average user time spent on videos was artificially inflated, as it only counted views longer than three seconds. After announcing the move to independent measurements, Facebook said it will be providing more information about how long an ad is on-screen for users, even down to the millisecond. This information will allow businesses to see how effective ads are, and if people are actually looking at it. In addition, the company is adding a new video ad-buying option for advertisers.

Several different companies, agencies, and independent contractors have applauded Facebook for being open and communicative about the issue, and recognized the complexity of recording data from multiple different features, such as Facebook Live. The Media Regulators Council will facilitate the feedback from all the contractors monitoring ads.

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