By: Victoria Codispoti | @vlcodispoti
Constantly changing, we are here to help you stay up to date on all that is Facebook and its News Feed.


  1. Music Stories

Facebook is aiming at “enabling better music discovery and sharing.” Users will be able to listen to the first 30 seconds of a song shared on the site from Spotify and Apple Music where fans can link through to buy or save the music. This means Facebook is allowing it’s users to listen and share music they like, without leaving the app – how convenient!


  1. Videos

Video features have been growing on Facebook since September of last year. In August of 2015 Facebook allowed public figures the feature to share live video with their fans via Mentions. In September of 2015 they rolled out 360 video which Star Wars and Discovery utilized immediately. Since then they’ve incorporated suggested videos, which allows viewers to choose another video that is similar to the one they just watched. Saved videos also allow users to bookmark things for later when it’s convenient for them to watch. A lot yes, breathe, one last update.. for now. Developers plan to come out with a place on Facebook for people to go when they exclusively want to watch video- including videos they’ve saved for later or videos from friends, Pages, and other video publishers on Facebook.

They heard you liked Facebook videos, so they put Facebook videos on your Facebook app so you can Facebook videos while you Facebook.


  1. Advertisements

Facebook now allows small business owners to see the foot traffic around their stores. An update to Local Awareness Ads enables businesses with at least five locations to dynamically make their Facebook campaigns more locally relevant. They can leverage the data already in their individual location Pages to dynamically feed business or store locations into Local Awareness Ads. This provides a powerful reason to create location Pages for brands.


  1. Top News vs. Most Recent

Top News – the Facebook default. It shows you popular stories from your favorite friends and Pages that have gained a lot of traffic and attention since the last time you were on Facebook. Those viral videos everyone has been talking about? Yeah, those are here.

Most Recent – shows you all updates from your friends. This feed constantly refreshes itself so that you’re up to date as friends are posting content. When you’re on Facebook and mad no one posting so you have something to scroll through, that is here.


  1. Notification Tab

A gradual roll out update on Android and iOS devices now allows you to customize your notifications tab. Along with the usual notifications, you’ll be able to see friend’s milestones, sports scores and TV reminders (based on Pages you’ve liked), and upcoming events you’ve joined. You can also add additional, optional information. By enabling your Location History in the Facebook app, you’ll be able to see things happening around your community, weather updates, movie theater updates, and nearby places to eat, all under one convenient tab!


Happy Facebooking!


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