KC Fox | @KCFox787

Google+ is essential for your business. In fact, it would be a social media travesty to NOT be on Google+.  Here are the top 3 reasons your business should be using Google+:

  1. Increase Search Rankability

It is true that most everyone searches with Google. So wouldn’t you want to be present within the search engine? By creating a Google+ account, your business is more likely to come up higher in search results. SEO increases by using hashtags, which works like a filing system. Therefore, it’s more likely to be clicked on then more likely to create business.

  1. Google App Integration

From Docs, to Sheets, to Hangouts, Google Apps are essential for businesses to foster sharable information among employees. Multiple computers are able to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more within Google Apps. Furthermore, apps like Hangouts allows for free video conferences instead of dry conference calls. Google Apps, a feature in Google+, allow employees to freely work together.

  1. Google Maps, Business View and Local

The where are you? and how are you? of G+. Show potential customers not only exactly where your business is, but also how great your business looks on the inside. With companies like KYROS, who specialize in making the inside of your store/restaurant/business look as great as possible, users on G+ can see a virtual tour of your company. In addition, Google+ users can post their reviews for others to see. So, people know where your business is located, what it looks like, and how great others think of it.

If these reasons weren’t enough, Google+ is free! Enhance your business without breaking the bank. It’s essential for potential customers to find your business as well as create a thriving workspace for your employees.

Article by Splash Media