by Laurel Simon
In this crazy overwhelming digital age where we are continuously inundated with information, we look for ways to simplify. Google just introduced a small but significant feature to simplify your Google+ experience without losing your individuality or uniqueness: the custom URL.


While other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have these for some time, Google is finally rolling out custom URLs for Google+ individual and business profiles. A custom URL or vanity URL means that you or your business can now get a short, easy to remember link instead of a long, cumbersome string of random letters and numbers. This makes it easier for people to find you when searching for you. A custom URL also fits nicely into your email signature and onto your business cards so that you can proactively invite more engagement on Google+. After all, beats, right?

One other advantage of  a vanity URL is that you can also go directly to a particular section of a profile with very little effort.  Just add the section name after their URL.

For example:

If you meet the criteria for getting a custom URL, you see a notification with some pre-approved suggestions at the top of your Google+ page (or you might get an email).  There may be more than one choice of pre-approved URLs, so choose the one you like best. Small changes such as capitalizations are available. Google is rolling this out over time, so some will get it sooner than others. If not immediately available to you, you can apply for one or just wait. Either way, Google will notify you.

Eligibility for a custom URL:

  • Personal page – you must have an account at least 30 days old, have 10 or more followers and a profile picture.
  • Business page – you must either be a verified business, or a business whose page is linked to its website.

And there you have it…a small but significant improvement that makes our (digital) lives easier. Have you grabbed your Google+ vanity URL yet?

Article by Splash Media