Regina Ruiz |@reginasmd
In today’s day and age, who has time to watch a 4 min YouTube video of a cat? Not to mention the multitude of social media platforms that grow in prevalence every day. From Instagram to Facebook and all others in between, it’s hard to efficiently convey a message across all without getting a little frazzled. Therefore, the answer to the choice between video or image? . . . GIFs!

GIFs combine the best of video and image sharing by providing a file format, which can easily be embedded and shared across social media platforms. GIFs have proven to be increasingly entertaining and relatable. The best part? They are short and sweet, which makes it highly more effective in terms of user interaction due to the fact businesses are able to reach users rapidly and effectively. Finally, the mixture of the following qualities increases the virality of GIFs in terms of social media marketing and promotion: Transferability, duration, and relatability.

In order to prove the effectiveness of GIFs, as well as provide social media lovers and addicts with a GIFtastic treat, here are 4 examples of how to use  GIFs related to social media. Enjoy and GIF on!

Social Media Reaction: When Twitter is Down

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