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Facebook launched the Timeline for brands about two months ago and we have been watching closely to see who is doing it best. The brands below are great examples of what you should be doing on a Facebook timeline: interacting, informing, converting and entertaining. Being awesome is also recommended.

Postagram facebook timeline Postagram
We love Postagram postcards, and their timeline cover photo really caught our attention. You can send them your own postagram and they will feature the first 24 as their cover photo! Talk about engaging with your customers. Apart from that, they update their fans on their latest news and of course, post lots of awesome pictures.
Starbucks facebook timeline Starbucks
Starbucks timeline is all about their Global Month of service right now, and they post amazing pictures of their actions around the world. Their timeline is filled with messages from their fans from around the world, firsthand promotions and news and, as expected, lots of coffee.

M&Ms Facebook Timeline M&M’s
They are cute, charismatic and taste great. We love that some of the posts from this Timeline come from the M&M’s themselves – they sign posts as Ms. Brown, Ms. Green, well, you get the idea. Apart from that, their vintage ads also helped to in us over.
Sephora Facebook Timeline Sephora
When arriving at Sephora’s timeline, the visitor is greeted with a simple, yet bold colored cover page. They have pictures of their products, coupons to print off, events they will be working at, and beauty advice. Our favorite part? Their applications such as Fan Fridays Instant Gift Cards. Sephora fans have great reasons to keep coming back to their FB page. We think the awesomeness will warrant more than 3 million likes very soon.
In N Out Hamburgers Facebook Timeline In’n’Out
Do you love In-n-Out so much you want to have them as your cover photo? Well, wait no more! This fast food chain has designed cover photos for their fans, which we thought was really nice. They also have a location app and even their not-so-secret menu.

Coca-Cola Facebook Timeline Coca-cola
Really beautiful pictures sum it up: Coca-Cola’s timeline is filled with great pictures of ice-cold Cokes, fans from all over the world posing with their favorite soda, vintage ads, vintage bottles, and polar bears. Right now Social Media is all about the images, and Coke is doing it right.
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Facebook Timeline Ben and Jerry’s
Ben and Jerry’s has a great timeline because it boasts vibrant, artistic pictures of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and their loving fans. Not only do they encourage involvement, but they showcase their involvement in the community with postings on upcoming events. To top it all off, they have apps where you can RSVP and pick your flavor for “Free Cone Day” or locate your nearest Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Store.

Ford Facebook Timeline Ford
We love that Ford’s cover photo is not of a car, but of their company HQ with the countries flags. Also, even though they talk a lot about cars, their posts are not only pictures of pretty rides: they also talk about technology, their latest documentary series and historical facts from the company.
Instagram Facebook Timeline Instagram
Beautiful pictures fill up the Instagram timeline…but what we really like is that they set up a theme every week such as #vacantplaces and #awninginspiring and get a compilation of users photos on the Instagram blog. Really great interaction idea that also brings their blog into the spotlight.
Fanta Facebook Timeline Fanta
Another good one from the Coca-Cola company, Fanta’s timeline plays around a lot with quizzes, questions and “like” games – it fits the brand’s concept of a “fun” soda perfectly.
Nestle Facebook Timeline Nestle
Recipes, information, great pictures and company news: Nestle does the Social Media Business Equation on Facebook’s timeline like no other company! Their beautiful cover photo also won our hearts.
Philips Sound Facebook Timeline Philips Sound
A beautiful cover photo (we love that it leaks into the profile picture) and everything about music and technology, not only regarding the Philips brand.
Samsung Mobile Facebook Timeline Samsung mobile
Samsung mobile’s timeline is actually focused on only one product: their new phone, the Galaxy note. And it works: fans get the latest news on android apps, phone ads and features and can even be picked as “fan of the month”. With 7 million likes, we think they are doing it right.
Sharpie Facebook Timeline Sharpie
Sharpie has a colorful, hand drawn cover page that represents the company perfectly. Their wall is filled with DIY crafts, LOL pictures, fan art, and contests for anyone who wants to apply. They take what they stand for (creativity) and exploit all aspects about art to appeal to everyone. Of course they would have of 3 million likes!
Smirnoff US Facebook Timeline Smirnoff
A place to share the best of nightlife. That’s the premise of Smirnoff’s timeline. With lots of drink recipes, club pictures and a map of Smirnoff’s Facebook pages around the world, this page is sure to get the party going for a long time on their own timeline.
Spotify Facebook Timeline Spotify
Lots and lots of great music, new album releases and a gorgeous drawing as their cover photo. The fact that we spend all day listening to our work playlist on Spotify did not influence our pick: their timeline rocks.
Toyota Facebook Timeline Toyota
They have one of the best timeline cover photos on this list, and we’re not saying that because we love dogs. We’re saying it because we love a brand that focuses their cover photo on what they want their customers to feel, rather than just a picture of their product.
Subway Facebook Timeline Subway
It’s impossible to look at Subway’s timeline and not feel hungry, and we guess that is their intent. But apart from great sandwich photos, what rocks Subway’s timeline is their apps to build your own sandwich, find out about news and promotions and more.
Pedigree Facebook Timeline Pedigree
The dog food brand Pedigree turned their Facebook timeline into a cause: the Pedigree adoption drive. In their timeline they post not only pictures and stories of awesome rescued pups, but also fun facts about pets, tips on how to take care of them and a lot of different ways to help dog shelters and centers.
Olympics Facebook Timeline The Olympic Games
In about 3 months we’ll all be glued to the TV watching The Olympics, but meanwhile we can start counting down the days with their Facebook timeline. Pictures from the athete’s village, the London Olympic Stadium, historical facts and news are part of this great timeline. The cover picture also wins points with us.

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