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How Small Businesses are Taking Advantage of Social Media

In the marketing world, small businesses are at a distinct disadvantage. They lack the big budgets, and huge staff of a big company. For many owners of small businesses like local restaurants and local chains of stores, these disadvantages can be intimidating. Others see only opportunity for innovation. New tools like Social Media Marketing can help small businesses level the playing field, and compete on the same plane as the corporate giants.

How to get the most cost efficient internet marketing for your business

Even companies pinched by recession know that sacrificing marketing budgets in lieu of a slimmer overhead can be disastrous. Marketing a brand or a product is even more vital in lean times than in prosperous ones. So how can businesses suffering from tight budgets make the most out of their marketing dollar? It may seem counterintuitive, but often, outsourcing internet marketing is far more cost efficient than taking the do-it-yourself approach.

Taking an Active Role in Social Media

Social media has been a hard nut for many internet marketing teams to crack. Everyone understands what a valuable channel social media can be, but few have been able to successfully harness it, due to the amount of time required to effectively maintain a social media presence across multiple sites and accounts.

How Has SEO Changed In This Decade?

With WebDex celebrating its tenth year as one of the leading Dallas SEO companies, we thought we’d take a look at what’s changed over the past ten years. Not only have we made changes for WebDex Media, but we’ve tracked the biggest changes across the entire industry of SEO and internet marketing. Here are some of the biggest shifts we’ve spotted in the past decade:

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