Social Media Video: YouTube Courts Business Video With Money And A Playbook

YouTube AdWords for Video

YouTube AdWords for Video

There”s no better advertisement for the power that YouTube can add to a businesses” social media marketing efforts than knitting tutorial website, whose owner has managed to stitch together a viable business by using video marketing.

“YouTube has allowed me to take my audience from a small, local group to a huge worldwide audience, and now knitting instruction and creating videos is what I do full time,” says Staci Perry in, of all places, a YouTube video that”s part of a major new advertising initiative from the Google division.

YouTube that it was offering up new tools and services that it hopes will tempt more businesses to advertise themselves on the website. YouTube/Google will also be throwing millions of dollars at those businesses in the form of free ads to help them get started with their video marketing.

“With a global audience of 800 million monthly visitors to YouTube, every day can feel like you’re advertising in the Super Bowl, and one video can launch a business,” writes group product manager Baljeet Singh in the YouTube blog. “To help even more businesses play big with video, today we’re introducing a number of new products, resources, and tools.”

Among those new features:

  • YouTube is opening up Google AdWords For Video to everybody. This gives all businesses access to audience-targeting metrics, allows them to measure how effective their videos are with each viewing, and helps them determine how much money to spend on their efforts.
  • $50 Million In Free Ads – YouTube wants to help 500,000 businesses get their video marketing off the ground by giving away $50 million in free Google AdWords advertising. Those new to AdWords get a $75 credit. As Singh explains, “with $75 your video campaign can reach more than 1,500 of your most valuable customers on YouTube for one month.”
  • An Advertiser Playbook  – A downloadable catalog of tips, tricks and best practices, along with access to a free phone support line, 1-866-2-GOOGLE.

YouTube is also creating an that tells the stories of small businesses that have been particularly effective in their use of video advertising. Ms. Perry”s is one of nine inaugural business in the Ambassador Program.

This new video advertising effort is part of an overall plan to make Google”s products, including YouTube and Google , more business/marketing-friendly. Even without millions of dollars” worth of free ads, YouTube would offer instant value to companies thanks to the wide reach of the website and access to all the useful data that comes with Google AdWords for Video. But YouTube still has to ensure that small/midsize business owners who are easily intimidated by technology can navigate AdWords, and can be brought up to speed quickly on the aspects of video marketing. And it also means there is one less obstacle for businesses to start using video marketing as a way to help sales, educate consumers about their products and services, and take advantage of the search engine optimization benefits that comes with producing quality video content.

If both YouTube and businesses can do all that, then they will realize the promise in the tagline for this new advertising effort: “Helping every business play big on YouTube.”

What do you think of YouTube”s new advertising initiative? Are you currently using YouTube ads to market a business? Please share with us in our Comments section.

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