Social Media Product Branding Strategy During the Super Bowl Blackout

You might have thought that the drama playing out in last night’s game was on the big screen, but you’d be wrong. The big wins of the night were actually through social media on the smaller screens; smartphones, computers and tablets. If your business’s product branding strategy didn’t include social media last night, then you lost out on a great opportunity to have some fun, gain some fans and promote some positive brand strategy.

It all started with the surprising blackout that paused the game for thirty-four minutes in the third quarter, causing half the stadium to go dark. The branding process that evolved out of this darkness was rather illuminating. Social media-savvy companies went to their social media platforms to “Newsjack” the event. In fact, many companies had active social media command centers set up in advance to handle this type of event!


The Power of Product Branding Strategy

Several brands were quick on their feet and within minutes of the blackout, they had tweets out taking a humorous (yet branded) approach to the situation. The most notable were Oreo, Tide, Walgreens and PBS, for their brilliant brand strategy.

  • Oreo – “Power out? No Problem” with an image that said “You can still dunk in the dark” next to the image of an Oreo cookie in the dark (15, 276 retweets)
  • Tide – “We can’t get your blackout. But we can get your stains out.” (1,318 retweets)
  • Walgreens – “We do carry candles.” (3,376 retweets)
  • PBS – “This might be a good time think about alternative programming. #SuperBowlBlackOut #WeHaveDowntonPBS” (3,526 retweets)

According to Twitter, chatter about the power outage peaked at 231,500 tweets per minute, totaling to 3 million tweets over the course of the night.

How much does traditional advertising go for during the Super Bowl?  And how much does a tweet or Facebook status cost?  You do the math.  The real Super Bowl winners were those with active product branding strategy on social media.

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Posted on February 4, 2013 in Front Page, product branding strategy

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