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How Google’s Knowledge Graph Will Improve Your Business

My searches are about more than just the words I’m typing. There’s meaning, context, and the relationship between items to consider. But it takes a repository like Wikipedia to understand that. However, with Google’s latest update to search results pages, the search giant is taking another step toward not only showing me results, but understanding…

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Social Search: Bing’s New Social Results A Wake-Up Call For Businesses

We always knew search engines would eventually incorporate more social network buzz in their results – an evolution in search that businesses need to know about and leverage. We just thought it would be Google, not Bing, leading the way. But late this week, Microsoft’s latecomer to the search market announced that it would soon…

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Google’s Upcoming Search Makeover: What Businesses Should Keep In Mind

Make no mistake: despite Facebook”s tremendous reach, Twitter”s arrival as a major social media player and Bing”s slow-but-steady growth, Google is still the alpha dog in the digital media kennel with nearly 70 percent of the market. If you”re a business owner and you”re now using social media/content marketing to find leads, talk to customers…

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Social Media Marketing: Pinning Copyright Issues on Pinterest, and Stories You May Have Missed

It’s hasn’t been on the social media radar for very long, but Pinterest is already making some design changes: adding a”Repins From” box and an Activity feature, as well as tweaks to the Profile section and some navigation help. However, those changes aren’t what pushed the rapidly-growing, image-centric social network to the top of recent…

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Yelp Valuation Turns Up Volume On Revenue and Social Reviews

Lost in all the dissection of last week’s Facebook Marketing Conference was another social media-themed event: Friday’s very successful initial public offering for Yelp, the user review website/application. Yelp valuation placed the opening price for a share of the newly-public company at $15, but the stock closed Friday at $24.58, marking a 64-percent jump. With…

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Social Media Marketing: Oscar Tweets, Country Music Beats

It’s official: social media content related to the annual Academy Awards broadcast is now much more entertaining than the show itself.  The fact that Angelina Jolie’s right leg ended up with its own Twitter feed during the show – quickly amassing some 12,000 followers – should be the kick in the pants that proves the…

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Social Media Marketing Is The New Portal

Where to begin with all the social media marketing goodness that is ComScore’s new “U.S. Digital Future In Focus 2012” report? After all, ComScore isn’t some up-and-coming metrics company trying to get noticed with a controversy-seeking headline and a small sampling of responders. It’s been doing the measurement thing for a while now, adding to…

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Splash Media SplashCast: Google and Search Go Social New Google CEO Larry Page is making it clear: his company will find the right business algorithms for a social media strategy, even if it means tying a percentage of employee bonuses to that search for solutions. This follows the search giant’s recent decision to offer a “+1” button with search results. Yet all…

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Google Instant SEO: Game Changer or Endgame?

If you could superimpose a heat map over that part of the blogosphere dealing with web and search engine marketing, it would be hard to ignore the large crimson and yellow blooms created by all the discussions relating to Google Instant, the new addition to its search technology that the tech giant launched Wednesday.

Tales From the Developer’s Side at Open Camp 2010

In the world of Open Camp, there were the Big Bad 3: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress. Well, maybe 4 if you could count the .NET track they had thrown in at the last minute, which was odd if you ask me. If I could personify each, here’s how they would go. Drupal is the big, burly…

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