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For Grounded Passengers, A High-Flying Lesson in Airline Social Media and Customer Service

It’s spring break time across the country, and that means airplanes full of students anticipating relaxation at beaches or ready to get back home after enjoying their days off.  It is the perfect climate for a lesson in airline social media customer service best practices.  So you can imagine what Alaska Airlines customers were feeling on…

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Social Media Problems: 3 ways to ruin your social media marketing

If you are looking for ways to avoid social media problems, social media mistakes or social media marketing problems, check out these 5 areas that you can start changing today!

As Social Media Adoption Plateaus, Content Remains King Of The Hill

A new report from digital intelligence company eMarketer is full of eye-catching data for social media marketers and companies of all sizes. The report estimates that nearly 150 million people in the U.S. connected to the internet will use social media platforms at least monthly in 2011. That’s 63.7 percent of the online population. By…

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Training is Marketing (Part 1 of 4)

This blog post is the first of 4 blog posts from our principal and co-founder, Chris Kraft, about his passion for combining traning and marketing. I’ve always felt that training is marketing. Whether it was a Fortune 100 company educating a class of new hires or an entrepreneur hocking his wares on an infomercial, training has…

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“Real-Time Marketing and PR” – Using Social Media to Accelerate Your Company

Social media and digital technologies are changing the game in the business world, but you still have to have rules and best practices. Marketing strategist David Meerman Scott helped set the 21st-century guidelines for the use of online media in marketing with his bestselling 2007 book, appropriately titled “The New Rules for Marketing and PR.”…

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Social Media Customer Service – 5 Excellent Tips

For the most part, very few winning aspects of customer service have changed over the years. As you welcome social media into your business strategy, make sure to bring your current customer service policy with you.

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