2012 International CES, A Tech-Heavy Week in Social Media Marketing and Other Stories You May Have Missed

2012 International CES

2012 International CES

Thanks to social media, I didn”t feel like I missed anything important by not attending this week”s 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. All I had to do was check my Twitter feed.

The people I follow on Twitter are an eclectic (if I do say so myself) mix of top-rank technology media observers and PR/marketing professionals, and most of them were sharing their thoughts on the new products, trend reports and celebrity sightings coming out of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. I covered CES as a technology reporter for CNN and Headline News during the early-to-mid 2000″s, which gave me more than my fill of lengthy cab lines, desperate pitches from startup hardware companies and live shot deadlines; I never got enough time to simply wander the show floor, basting myself in the gadget-stream. It was more fun – and less expensive – to stay in the home office and watch the tweets roll in.

The consensus seemed to be that CES 2012 was more underwhelming than usual, which no doubt will provide more ammunition for those who say the show has become bloated and unmanageable. But two CES-related items are worthy of consideration by social media marketing professionals.

The Consumer Electronics Association conducted a session titled “Tech Accessories In The New Social Paradigm,” and it”s recapped nicely by Smart Blogs On Social Media”s Susan Rush. A survey of 1,000 consumers gives a mixed bag of news for us marketing types: yes, Facebook is still king when it comes to folks sharing their device purchases and looking for ways to save money buying them, but social media has yet to impact sales of consumer electronics accessories in a significant way.

The other item is a story from Mashable”s Peter Pachal called “How Social Media Is Changing Consumer Electronics and CES” and it makes a compelling argument for how social media sharing is becoming more baked into many products that were on display in Vegas: smartphones and smart TV”s, fitness-related devices and the like. But all of this doesn”t acknowledge the impact of the giant-yet-stylish tech pachyderm in the room which has cast its shadow over CES since the first iPhone. Apple”s devices have taken mobile social media sharing to new, marketing-friendly heights, and if the company gets busy with its idea of smart TV hardware as we are expecting later this year, it can make people change the channel on those ultra-thin, ultra-wide flat screens that seemed to be in vogue in CES.

Since it is all about sharing…if you were at CES this year, tell us what you thought of the show and what you think it all means for social media agencies. And while you”re at it, please channel these headlines from the week regarding tips, tactics and best practices for social media marketing:

For Coca-Cola, Life Begins Here – On Tumblr

The microblogging, multimedia-friendly site Tumblr has seen rapid growth since its 2007 launch. Thanks to savvy marketing use of Tumblr by corporations like Coca-Cola, as depicted in this Click Z post by Lisa Lacy, its profile may rise higher as brands seek out more ways to connect with younger customers.

Working And Playing Well With Others…On Social Media

Earlier this morning, my five-year-old pitched a major fit about not wanting to go to kindergarten. If he grows up to be the kind of guy who uses ALL CAPS on Facebook, I”ll know how it started. But Beckerman digital strategist Laura Finlayson says the socialization skills we learn in kindergarten can serve businesses well with their first steps in social media marketing, and she writes about it in this Ragan piece.

Social Media Listening Tip #2,634: Set Up A Rapid Response Team

The Financial details a recent study from Conversocial about customer attitudes towards companies that don”t respond to questions from users on their social media platforms. No question about it: the perceptions aren”t good and can cost brands in the long run.

Scout”s honor: we”ll respond to your questions, and we encourage your feedback. Thanks for playing our game, and we”ll see you back here on Monday!


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